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Jen Morgan Glass Seattle, WA
Classes: Level 2 , US Sailing , First Aid , CPR [ more ]
I'm a work-hard, play-hard type of coach. I have spent a lot of time both skippering and crewing in a variety of dinghies so I can coach both ends of a boat, singlehanded or doublehanded. Also for doublehanded sailors, I focus on helping sailors work together and make their partn... [ more ]



New York

Western Long Island Sound has a yacht racing association made up of nearly 30 clubs in Connecticut, Westchester county, and Long Island.  Racing there goes back many generations to the beginnings of the sport in the US.  Larchmont and American Yacht Clubs are the biggest with Larchmont Race Week as the biggest annual regatta on the Sound.  Junior sailing in dinghies and adult sailing in keelboats abound.  Only problem is that its not real windy in the summer.  Offseason racing in late spring and early fall, when there is more wind, has increased significantly in the last 30 years and frostbite fleets having been actively enjoying winter racing for many decades.

This area covers the western part of Long Island Sound from the NY/CT border to the Throgs Neck Bridge. It includes the following racing areas: Rye, Larchmont, City Island, Manhasset Bay, Hempstead Harbor. Major regatta hosts in this area include American YC, Larchmont YC, Sea Cliff YC and the clubs in Manhasset Bay and City Island. At the western end of this area are the collegiate sites for Kings Point and NY Maritime (SUNY).

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Light winds and even calms prevail but half the days have really good wind. SW and NW winds before and after fronts are common but the best wind is the Easterly with big rolling waves. Unfortunately the strong Easterlies only come twice a month in summer. There are two seabreezes but neither can be counted on for a great day of racing. One is the local seabreeze but it is so micro in geography that it doesn't support a race course. The other is the 4 o'clock Southerly when the South Shore of Long Island seabreeze gets going so early and strong that it transits the urban heat island of Long Island and makes it onto L.I.S. by 2:30 at the extreme Western end at Kings Point, Larchmont by 3:30, and CT by 4 p.m. On calm days you can also get a micro land breeze as hot air spills off the land onto nearby water in the form of local Northerlies but don't count on it lasting.
- K. Legler,


Moderate tidal flow moves east and West at speeds up to one knot in mid Sound. Local variations exist near harbors such as the back eddy around the Larchmont breakwater.
- K. Legler,


In NW winds sail for land to get big windshifts and puffs. In Easterlies sail away from land for stronger winds upwind, then ride the waves straight down the middle downwind.
- K. Legler,


The big old traditional yacht clubs are a great place to socialize after racing with their expansive lawns and commanding views. Larchmont also has a giant covered dance floor known as the "Pandemonium."
- K. Legler,


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