Match Racing Manual Part 5: Grant Money

This is the fifth of an eight-part series compiled by the US Match Racing Committee (with help from Chicago Match Race Center, one of our sponsors.) You can start from the beginning with Part 1. If you want all of it at once, you can download the entire series as a PDF.

Where to look for Grant Money

Clever Pig’s Grants page is a great place to start when looking for grants in aid. You will fnd a comprehensive list of foundations that sponsor junior and young adult sailors. Several grant foundations and major yacht clubs also sponsor sail- ors from their region specifcally. Another place to start is contacting a “local hero” and asking if they can recommend you to a local grant foundation or yacht club.

Where to look for grant moneySponsorship Proposal

Each foundation has a specifc application process, but the components for a spon- sorship proposal are usually similar:

1. Cover Letter- Introduce yourself and explain why you are writing

2. Resume – be sure to tailor your generic sailing resume to the grant foundation 3. Sponsorship Proposal – some foundations will accept your full sponsorship proposal, which should include:

  • Team Bio(s) and Mission Statement (1-2 pages)
  • Schedule and Training Program (half a page)
  • Team Results and/or Individual Resumes (no more than 1-2 pages)
  • Team Budget – see example below
  • Sponsorship Levels and Activation- see example
  • Description of Media Outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Website or Blog (include “reach” statistics when possible”)
Season or Event
Event A Event B Event C Event D Season Totals
Travel Costs
  • airfare
  • car rentals
  • fuel
  • baggae
Event Costs
  • entry fees
  • food
  • accommodation
  • charter fees
  • coaching fees
  • food costs
  • branded kit
  • sailing gear
Grand Total:

Example of Sponsorship Levels (borrowed from Epic Racing Team, Stephanie Roble)

PLATINUM SPONSOR: $30,000.00- Title Sponsor

  • Naming rights of the team
  • Premium XL logo on all uniforms and media
  • Company flag flown from yacht whenever possible
  • 1st  sponsor recognition in all media/ceremony speeches
  • Invitation to all opening and closing ceremonies
  • Team engagement opportunities during promotional events, clinics, private coaching, etc.

GOLD SPONSOR: $15,000.00

  • Large logo on sleeve of all uniforms
  • Large logo placement on website
  • Recognition in all media/ceremony speeches
  • Large sponsor logo in all media releases
  • Invitation to all opening and closing ceremonies & VIP access to event whenever possible
  • Team engagement opportunities negotiable


  • Medium logo on back of racing uniforms and website
  • Recognition in all media/ceremony speeches
  • Medium sponsor logo in all media releases
  • Team engagement opportunities possible


  • One small logo where best fits on uniforms
  • Small logo placement on website
  • Recognition in media/ceremony speeches
  • Small sponsor logo in all media releases

ASSOCIATE SPONSOR: $500.00 or less

  • Name/logo on website in donor page
  • Small logo in media releases
  • The donation of airline miles is also greatly appreciated.