Match Racing Manual Part 6: Expectations

This is the sixth of an eight-part series compiled by the US Match Racing Committee (with help from Chicago Match Race Center, one of our sponsors.) You can start from the beginning with Part 1. If you want all of it at once, you can download the entire series as a PDF.

What to Expect at a Match Race Regatta

Match race regattas are different from most feet race regattas in a few ways. Do the research beforehand and make sure your team is prepared.

Read the NOR

  • Know the schedule – some events are mandatory for the skipper to attend, such as skipper’s meetings or press conferences.
  • Some venues require that all sailors have or wear life jackets.
  • Find out what food and/or water will be provided; match race days are long!

Be ready for the weigh-in

  • Every ISAF graded event will have a weigh-in. The average crew weight should be listed in the NOR.
  • Assign target weights for team members and make sure your team is com- fortable. Make sure crew members know what time the weigh-in will occur so they can bring light shorts and tee shirt in case your team is close.
  • Teams that do not make weight will not be able to compete.

Make a break-down kit

  • Bring a couple rolls of electrical tape.
  • Because bosuns can’t help fix repairs during races, you should have some extra pins, split rings, extra tell tales and small shackles.
  • Keep the bag small. You will have to rotate boats with it, and you don’t want to add extra weight to the boat.

Match racing speciic equipment

  • Buy a Y-Flag.
  • Gloves are usually crucial for all crew onboard except the skipper.
  • Sun screen
  • Gallon-sized Ziploc bag – some skippers like to keep their pairing sheet in a baggie so it doesn’t get wet.
  • What to expect