Resource Materials from Other Campaigns

Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving, shown here with coach Skip Whyte, won the 2008 Women’s 470 World Championship in Australia.

In this web resource we have collected sample campaign materials from recent campaigners who have been successful in both the sailing and marketing areas. The resources here include fundraising letters, brochures, budgets, thank-you notes, resumes, blog entries – many of the pieces that you need to raise money and carry on an effective relationship with your supporters.

You are welcome to use any of these materials as you like (but please remove any personal or campaign details). Their purpose is to help you avoid “reinventing the wheel.” That way you’ll be able to use the time, energy and money you save to strengthen other areas of your campaign.

• Cronin Sailing Team Fundraising Mailer
• Maxwell-Morgan Fundraising Brochure
• Maxwell-Kinsolving Donation Form
• Maxwell-Kinsolving Fundraising Brochure #1
• Maxwell-Kinsolving Fundraising Brochure #2
• Gaillard Fundraising Letter

Powerpoint Presentations
• Maxwell-Morgan Fundraising Presentation

Grant Application Letters
• Clark/Mergenthaler: Letter to SSF
• Kopp: Letter to SSF

Sponsorship Proposals
• Gaillard Sponsorship Letter
• Cronin Sponsorship Brochure

• Maxwell-Morgan Newsletter

Thank-You Letters
• Gaillard Thank-You Letter

• Clark-Mergenthaler Budget
• Cronin Sailing Team Budget
• Ewenson Finn Budget
• Maxwell-Morgan Budget
• Gaillard Olympic Budget
• Optimist European Team Budget

Resumes & Biographies
• Clark Sailing Biography
• Mergenthaler Sailing Biography
• Kratzig Sailing Resume
• Gaillard Sailing Resume